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Northern Boone County Route

Any trip through Northern Boone County should begin by crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky on the historic Anderson Ferry, in continuous operation since 1817. Kentucky Route 8 features river vistas and orchards along an easy drive to KY 237 (North Bend Rd). Historic homes dot the landscape along Graves Road and Petersburg Road (Kentucky 20) and Petersburg itself showcases the largest concentration of historic buildings in Boone County. Kentucky 20 and Kentucky 18 parallel the Ohio River south from Petersburg through Belleview and McVille to Rabbit Hash. Return north along Kentucky 18 for a breathtaking view of the Ohio River and Laughery Island. The route continues east along Kentucky 20 past the historic Dinsmore Homestead and through Burlington, Boone County’s government center since 1799. The tour ends after passing along Florence’s historic Main Street, locally known as “Stringtown on the Pike.”

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Central Boone County Route

The Central Boone County trip begins along Florence’s historic Main Street, known locally as “Stringtown on the Pike,” and heads west along Kentucky 18 to Burlington, the county seat since 1799. West of Burlington, the route picks up the Big Bone Lick-Middle Creek Scenic Byway, passing the historic 1842 Dinsmore Homestead and the river towns of Belleview and McVille before reaching Rabbit Hash. From Rabbit Hash, the route follows the byway along some of the most scenic roads in the county: Rabbit Hash Road and Riddles Run Road. An alternate loop follows the river south around East Bend. The route and byway continue along Kentucky 338 past Big Bone Lick State Park and Richwood back to Interstate 75.

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Southern Boone County Route

The Southern Boone County tour begins and ends at the Richwood Exit off I-75. The route travels west along Kentucky 338 through the horse farms of Richwood to Big Bone Lick State Park, with a spur down to Big Bone Landing Marina. From Big Bone Lick, the tour returns to US 42 to traverse some of the less-traveled roads in the southern end of the county, including the hamlet of Verona. After a stop at Barker’s Blackberry Hill Winery, the route loops back through Verona and heads north to Walton. The route passes along Boone County’s most intact historic main street along US 25 in Walton and ends north of the historic c. 1814 Gaines Tavern.

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